This Church is a Church of miraculous blessings. Let no man trouble us for we bear in our spirits and bodies the mark of our Lord and Saviour Christ. From the inception of this Church, we realize that prosperity comes only from obedience to God and to His word. On that principle the church was launched. This journey Began in 1990 when Pastor Lucas P. Green got the vision to establish a church in Cambridge, Ontario. He like Paul was not disobedient to the heavenly vision, and on February 3rd. 1991, a church was born, under the name, "the church of God in Cambridge".

 This humble beginning started with just three families (these include Pastor Lucas P. Green, His wife Elenora and their three children; Lyle, Kevin and Mariisa. Brother Vincent Hayden with his wife EleMay, and daughter Christine. Brother  Harvey Newman visited with us the first day; and with regular visits from time to time, he settled and became a vital part of the ministry. We were also joined a week later by Deacon Winston Richards and his wife Imogene, and their son Eyon Richards. God would allow these three to have arrived just on time to be a part of the begining of this ministry.

Our first place of worship was in a Catholic School gymnasium, where we encountered much problems and rejection by some disgruntled members of that organization. With much prayer, courage and determination and the assurance that God had called us to this work, nothing could deter us. However, we had no choice but to vacate that premises and look for another place of worship. It did not take long before a door was open to us of the Lord. We still had to struggle with our instruments each service, and as one can imagine the commitment and responsibility was beyond degree; but at the end of the day, we were happy that we had a place to worship in. For a number of years this was a regiment of building up and tearing down of worship settings and after a period of time this weekly task became almost intolerable, with us having to clean up other users mess; including having to get rid of a cigarette smoke filled area to make it comfortable for worship. Again, the Lord came through for us, and this time it was a place of our own. We purchase this building. No more setting up, tearing down, and moving of instrument and equipment. We did not have to watch the clock, because we were not limited to time, space or pay by the hour; we had freedom to worship and worship we did. Praise the Lord. We spent nine years at this location, when the Lord again open another door at our present location; 17 Branchton road in Galt Cambridge, Ontario, where we now permanently setup our headquarters with lot of room to expand. To God be all the Glory. For us this is another miracle. This property has so much potentials, it attracted a lot of interest; however, we believe that it was reserve by God for a church and we got it. We started out with confidence that the battle is not ours, but the Lord's. Therefore, we have the confidence that he who had begun a good work in us will perform it unto the end and with this, we give to him all of the Glory.

In January of 1993, we were incorporated as a body under the name: "EVANGELICAL CHURCH OF GOD, CANADA". In 1995, the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations officially recognized us as a body authorize to register and recommend ministers for license to perform marriages in the Province of Ontario. We have had our struggles, problems and trials as any other church and may be more in many ways; but we believe and know that the lord who sent us, has promise to be with us to the end. Over the years, God has sent many help to this ministry; we have some of the finest musicians, singers,trades men, professionals, engineers, volunteers ect. to help with the work. Some of which have moved on and some remain. Thank God we can say that we have come this far by faith leaning on the Lord; He has never failed us yet. We are determined by the grace of God, to serve to the end while strive to win the lost for Christ. Pray for us.

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